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Super Cropping Autoflowers

Super cropping autoflowers is a technique used to stress a cannabis plant in order to increase its yield and overall health. The process involves gently bending and pinching the stem of the plant, which causes the plant to respond by growing thicker and stronger. This is done by carefully manipulating the plant to create a bend in the stem, and then holding the stem in place with a small clip or tie.

To perform super cropping, you will need to wait until your plants have reached the vegetative stage, and have at least 4-6 nodes (sets of leaves) on the stem. Then, locate a spot on the stem that is thick and pliable, but not yet woody. Gently bend the stem to create a 90-degree angle, and hold it in place with a small clip or tie. The plant will respond by growing thicker and stronger in that area. Repeat the process in several areas around the plant. Keep an eye on the plant to ensure that it is healing properly, and watch for new growth in the areas where you performed super cropping.


Why do super cropping?

Super cropping is used to increase the yield of buds and the overall health of cannabis plants. The process involves gently bending and pinching the stem of the plant, which causes the plant to respond by growing thicker and stronger. This increased thickness in the stem and branches can lead to more buds and a larger yield.

Super cropping also improves the overall structure and stability of the plant by creating stronger and bushier plants that are better able to support the weight of the buds. Additionally, super cropping can also increase the plant’s ability to absorb light, water and nutrients, which can further enhance the growth and health of the plant.

Another benefit of super cropping is that it can be used to control the height of the plant, which can be useful for growers who have limited space or want to keep their plants hidden.

Finally, super cropping also helps to increase the overall potency and quality of the buds, as the plant will be healthier and stronger, and will be able to produce better buds.

Is Super Cropping Autoflowers ok?

Super cropping can be done on autoflower plants, but it’s important to note that the process may affect the yield differently than it would with photoperiod plants.

Autoflowering plants have a set life cycle and will flower regardless of the light cycle, unlike photoperiod plants that will only flower once they receive a certain amount of darkness. Autoflowering plants typically have a shorter life cycle and the window for vegetative growth is limited. Super cropping might cause a delay in the flowering stage and might decrease the overall yield.

Also, since autoflowering plants are smaller in size than photoperiod plants, it’s important to be more gentle when super cropping to avoid causing damage to the plant. It’s also important to be mindful of the time when super cropping is done, so it does not delay the flowering stage.

Overall, super cropping is a technique that can be used on autoflower plants but it should be done with caution and care. It’s important to understand that the yield may be affected differently than it would with photoperiod plants and the process should be adapted to the unique characteristics of the autoflowering plants.