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Pot Size for Autoflowers

What size of Pot is Best for Autoflowers?

The best pot size for Autoflowers will depend on a variety of factors, including the size and vigor of the specific auto flower strain, the growing conditions, and the grower’s preferences. However, as a general rule, a pot size of 3-5 gallons is considered appropriate for most Autoflower cannabis strains.


Here are some reasons for this:

Root space: Autoflower cannabis strains tend to be smaller and have a more compact growth habit than photoperiod strains, so they don’t require as much root space. A 3-5 gallon pot should provide enough room for the roots to grow while still being small enough to fit in a confined space.

Soil volume: A 3-5 gallon pot will hold enough soil to provide the plant with the necessary nutrients throughout its entire life cycle, without being too heavy to move around.

Light penetration: Autoflower cannabis strains do not rely on a change in light cycles to initiate flowering, but they still need adequate light penetration to produce good yields. A 3-5 gallon pot will allow for more surface area for light to penetrate, without being too large to fit under a grow light.

Air pruning: Autoflower cannabis strains have a shorter life cycle and a 3-5 gallon pot will allow for the roots to reach the sides of the pot and be exposed to air promoting air pruning.

Overcrowding: A 3-5 gallon pot will prevent the plant from becoming overcrowded and allow for adequate space for the roots to grow.

Maintenance of Autoflower Pots: Cleaning:

Pots can get dirty over time, especially if they are being used to grow plants that are prone to pests and diseases. Regularly cleaning your pots can help to prevent the buildup of pests and diseases, and can also help to keep the pots looking neat and tidy.

Aeration: If using fabric pots or air pots, make sure to fluff them up occasionally. This will help to ensure that the fabric or air-pruning holes remain open, which can promote healthy root growth.

Sterilization: Before reusing the pot, make sure to sterilize it to prevent the spread of pests and diseases. You can use a solution of 10% bleach and 90% water to sanitize the pot. It’s important to keep an eye on the plants and the pots, to make sure that they are healthy and that the plants are not outgrowing the pots. Regularly checking the plants and the pots can help to ensure that the plants are getting the best possible growing conditions, and can lead to higher yields and healthier plants.