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The pictures you see are representative of the genetics illustrated. I like to say “Your Mileage May Vary”. Lets face facts. Some people have green thumbs and some people – well – whatever the touch turns out badly. However, that said, you should be able to grow just as good as anyone if you study this site, educate yourself and apply yourself to growing cannabis. Its not hard, its rather easy and it has obvious benefits.

You can view your sales receipt on checkout just before you purchase anything on our site and a copy is retained by us and sent to your email for your records.

If an item is opened, or removed from its packaging, or if it is older than 3 months from the date of sale, I will not accepted it for refund. We won’t accept damaged parcels, open packaging or take a chance that you have stored any item properly that is older than three months.

Yes, I will replenish all items carried in any product lists that sell out.  If I plan on discontinuing something because I no longer want to breed it for any reason, I will remove it from the product list. If I do not discontinue a line, it will left on the breeding plant scheduler in the event someone wants to try it or a group of people vote or recommend to include it in a breeding cycle.

I will not ship to countries like Indonesia, Saudi Arabia or China etc.. I will only ship to countries and states that recognize the legality of cannabis and who authorize the use and growing of cannabis as a legal or decriminalized product.

We have a vendor in Canada automanseeds com We have a vendor in Australia . Contact these to vendors for

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