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About Autoflowerseeds.net 

Synergy Automatic Genetics is a cannabis seed breeder dedicated to the production of the latest up-to-date Autoflowers and regular photoperiod cannabis. It is possible with some of our genetics to finish in under 60 days from start to finish / seed to bud. We have worked with rare genetics, crosses. original landrace strains and strains with ultra high THC, CBD and terpenes since 2012. Synergy Automatic Genetics is a leader in the Autoflower space.

Our Target

Synergy Automatic Genetics exists to provide recreational and growers with a means to create the very best cannabis they can from the genetics we provide with a minimum of expense and cost. Synergy Automatic  strains use fewer nutrients, mature quickly, provide maximum yield and save you money – lots of money. We want to help you focus on creating the very best medicine and recreational cannabis with over 250 originals strains to chose from and tens of thousands of exciting genetic possibilities.

How I Started

The founder of Synergy Automatic Genetics has always been highly involved in the breeding of his beloved cannabis genetics. After 10 years of growing and breeding, the ups and downs have turned into some amazing genetics. Starting with our pioneer strain “Sweet Grapes Auto”. A.F.S. Was founded in 2012, but don’t let that fool you years of growing countless testing went into this was back and mind breaking work. We choose only the best of the best when we select our breeding stock, painstakingly hand selecting our genetics providing a 95% germination rate and only the best possible genetics. Putting us at the forefront of Automatic Strain breeding.

What I Am Here For

The intention and invention of everything I do from now on will be to bring to the table a whole new host of genetics, new strains and to continue to develop what I think will be a revolution in Cannabis genetics – Autoflowers – and to deliver this knowledge and these resources to a greater community of growers from all walks of life.

Autoflowers are where I have been concentrating my attention for a while now. While I still love landraces and regular photoperiod plants, some of the new Autoflower strains accomplish things regular strains and landraces just can’t. For example, regular cannabis takes a longer time – sometimes twice or three times as long to grow. In addition, Outdoors plants are subject to rainy cold wet weather and as a result are susceptible to mold, mildew and other fungal problems like dry rot. Autoflowers, with their shorter grow period from seed to finish, help avoid this type of devastation which can render a full crop unsuitable for use especially by people who have compromised immune systems.

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