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  1. Anonymous

    Omg smells so fruity in my tent

    Tropical Fruit Basket

  2. Anonymous

    2nd time growing it (from same pack of seeds) and still has the same smell to it! Oh that sweet lavender is just awesome. I just didn’t quite get this one to go as purple as the first one! Bet it smokes the same haha

    Strawberry Fusion

  3. Anonymous

    Very nice sativa. Only thing, it has one hell of a flowering stretch! Would love to know what was crossed to get this one

    Blue Crush CBD

  4. Anonymous

    This strain is the one! If you are wondering which one to get!!! The smell is loud!! 2nd week of flower will put off a strong aroma( to the touch) very sticky sweet. Later in flower it will put off a smell very similar to fruity pebbles. No cap. It’s a large plant for an auto too! I grabbed about 3 1/2 dry ounces from the one plant it puts off beautiful color. I would neverrr advise to pull premature but if I was to grow again I would pull it about 2 weeks early (8weeks into flower) when it had its stronger flavor and aroma profile!! Look at the pics too!!

    Strawberry Fusion

  5. Anonymous

    Great stain. Medium height plants with many bud sites. Good yeilds very sticky will grow again

    Wicked Monkey

  6. Anonymous

    Great strain. Grows fast bud are big and dense

    Strawberry Fusion

  7. Anonymous

    Absolutely love the color of it! The smell is a citrusy, lavender and is amazing. Seems to smoke like Forbidden Fruit! Starts as a head high and feels like a stone is slowly sinking down your body. Got the classic “my head is in a box” feeling along with a relaxed, euphoric high.

    Strawberry Fusion

  8. Carl W. (verified owner)

    It deserves 10 stars, I’ve tried and spent a lot of money trying to find a good CBD strain but like everything else company’s take advantage of us, but not SAG. This is the bomb brada got alot of friends on board as well, it truly helps with pain and just makes you feel really relaxed, wonderful to work with too.

    Charlotte’s Sister CBD 15-20% cbd 0.2-0.4 thc

  9. Anonymous

    My name is Brother Bear and i’m A very happy returning customer here. I made the comment above, I want to add that SAG auto seeds is what saved my life from cancer. I was diagnosed stage 4 Terminal. I didn’t have much time and these quick flowering babies allowed me to do what was needed quickly and with extreme quality! Thank you SAG. Just finished up my order and will place another here soon.
    I DONT HAVE CANCER ANYMORE because of these seeds! 420 FOR LIFE!

    Charlotte’s Sister CBD 15-20% cbd 0.2-0.4 thc

  10. Anonymous

    My phone sucks n I’m no photographer but I gotta comment on the Charlotte’s Sister. After harvest I Put it through a two month cure. Now, I’m a bonafide bong ripping stoner who smokes for the high… and now recently for my health. The CS of course did not get me high n I knew that from the start. But I kept smoking it to see its effects. Last night for one of the first times in ages I sat in my chair and felt zero pain anywhere in my body. I had been tense and stressed all week and after smoking that stuff my tension released like it was massaged right out of me. This pot head never though he’d see the day he’d brag about weed that didn’t get him high! Thanks Jeff, Fkn awesome job! This stuff will make fantastic oil n I can’t wait to get it to those who really need it! Thank you!

    Charlotte’s Sister CBD 15-20% cbd 0.2-0.4 thc

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